Detox From Grey

Saturday 6th January 2018 @ The Cellar @ Finborough Arms - Doors Open 7:30pm - Tickets £5 adv

“Normal is boring – colours please” is the motto of the Electro Pop/Indie band Detox From Grey and that is how they are – three colourful people from around the world who share the same passion and love for music. Band mates Jiwoon (bass/guitar) from South Korea, Marco (drums) from Italy and the amazing vocalist, Danish girl Julie, formed Detox From Grey in 2016 in London after studying together at university.

Their biggest influences are Björk, Kimbra, Christine and the Queens, Gotye, James Blake. They use a bold choice of instruments, samples, soundscapes and forms. The hard work and willingness to share good atmospheric electro pop /indie music with their listeners paid off in their first two solo tracks ‘Right Shade of Grey’ & ‘Just a Visitor’.

The phrase “Detox From Grey” came from a song that Julie has been working on for years. It refers to the idea that we humans sometimes lapse into the darkness and stay there but sometimes you just got to let go… Let go of negative ideas; people; yourself & the past – to make space for something new. Make space for colours in your life.