Hot Doggy


Wednesday 5th July 2017 @ 93 Feet East - Doors Open 7:00pm - Tickets £5 adv

Raised by chimps and convent-educated, Hot Doggy first met at a disciplinary hearing of The Pipe Club of London, following contemporaneous but unrelated accusations of gross misconduct with a walnut lumberman.

Tortoise heads.

Every member is a classically-trained onanist, and it was their shared love of – and God-given talent for – this artform which inevitably led to the formation of the band.

Dipping into the kitty.

The band’s extensive list of eclectic musical influences includes Bernard Cribbins, Arthur Mullard, Bruce Forsyth and Jonathan & Darlene Edwards. Their style icons are Barry and, to a lesser extent, Paul Chuckle.

When they’re not busy making music, the gents like to relax by playing* darts**.